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HeartScreen 60 GHot Air Sterilizer

HeartScreen 80 G-L

Keeping the main elements of the previous model’s award winning design, the G series has been completely renewed. The high-resolution, large LCD is capable of displaying 4 curves (3 ECG and 1 rhythm curve). Thanks to the backlit display’s more favorab

( Innomed )

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All-round ECG
  •  Simultaneous 12-lead ECG creation
  •  Standard and Cabrera leads
  •  Backlit graphic LCD for monitoring
  •  3 ECG channels and one rhythm
curve display
  •  Reliable, high-resolution 3-channel
thermal printer
  •  Analysis and diagnosis program
  •  Arrythmia program
Optimized for
the practice
  •  Battery operating mode
  •  Intelligent quick-charger
  •  Mobility
  •  Menu-controlled functions – simple operation
  •  PC connection ready
  •  Large storage capacity
Computer connection
  •  Complete ECG user interface on the PC screen
  •  On-line 12-channel monitoring and storage
  •  12-channel printing on size A4 paper
  •  Database management Innobase for Windows