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Anda Disini: Beranda Produk Medix TR-306 Microprocessed Transport Incubator
TR-200 Microprocessed Transport IncubatorTracheotomy

TR-306 Microprocessed Transport Incubator

( Medix )

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Microprocessed Transport Incubator
  •     Suitable to operate with 12 DC power from emergency vehicle, internal battery, or to be connected to AC with automatic battery recharge.
  •     Air and skin temperature microprocessed control module.
  •     Nest type mattress ideal for transport.
  •     Continuous tilting mechanism +/- 10º.
  •     X-ray tray.
  •     Autonomy up to 4 hours.
  •     Support for two oxygen tanks.
  •     Insulating double wall and multiple accesses.
  •     Air and oxygen microfilter.
  •     Humidification.
  •     Examination light.
  •     Wide range of accessories.