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Ambu Ascope

The Ambu® aScope™ incorporates all the unique demands of intubation within anaesthesiology.

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With the lightweight ergonomic handle design
for better intubation comfort, and the enhanced
camera technology the Ambu® aScope™ provides
the users with a great single patient use
flexible intubation scope.

Main benefits of Ambu® aScopeTM:

  •  Lightweight ergonomic handle design for enhanced intubation comfort that fits small as well as large hands.
  •  The intuitive handle design gives enhanced comfort for health care professionals.
  •  Camera technology instead of fiberoptic bundle technology for robustness.
  •  Endotracheal tube retention rings for a stabile and secure parking.
  •  Anaesthetic channel with both a swivel for flexibility and a luer-lock for safe connection.
  •  No new operation techniques to use the new Ambu® aScope™. It is easy and uncomplicated.
  •  Packaged sterile and ready for use after connection with Ambu® aScope™ Monitor.
  •  Significantly lower start up investment.
  •  Single patient use only.

No risk of cross-infection and contamination

The Ambu® aScope™ comes in sterile, ready to use
packaging. This eliminates the risk of cross infection
and contamination, which improves patient and
user safety and increases job satisfaction. Time
spend on maintenance decreases significantly as
the solution requires no need for specialized staff
for cleaning equipment and repairs. In short, the
Ambu® aScope™ provides greater convenience for
everyone involved.

Sharp Image

The camera technology captures a bright, clear
and great image, which are displayed on the highresolution
Ambu® aScope™ Monitor. Moreover, the
Monitor has adjustable brightness and contrast for
capturing best image quality.
For greater convenience and usage the user can
optionally get a larger screen display with the
use of the videoout. For more information on
the Ambu® aScope™ Monitor see the specified

Enough time for intubation and extubation

The total operation time of the Ambu® aScope™
is 30 minutes from switched on the first time, but
within a timeframe of 8 hours. The Ambu® aScope™
Monitor displays an indicator showing when the
power is running out.
For more information on the Ambu® aScope™
Monitor see the specified datasheet.