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Ambu CPR Pal

The low-priced Ambu CPR Pal is a simple but effective training manikin ideal for ACD training, suitable for training of correct placement of defib pads and ACD CPR with the Ambu CardioPump.

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The Ambu patented hygienic system protects the student and makes internal cleaning entirely unnecessary. Look - Listen - Feel. Just as in real life, ventilation can be seen and exhalation through the nose and mouth can be felt and heard. Lightweight and sturdy, hence very easy to transport. Airways open only when head is correctly hyperextended. Stomach inflation indicated by a whistling sound. ACD CPR-compatible (optional ACD CPR base board).


The manikin weighs 3.8 kg with and 2.7 kg without carry case. Total manikin length is 73 cm