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NatalCare LX

Advanced incubator for neonatal intensive care

( Natus )

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The Natus NatalCare LX Infant Incubator provides an optimal thermal
and developmental microenvironment for babies. Combining ease of use
and accessibility for clinicians and families with economic value, the
Natus NatalCare LX Infant Incubator meets
the demands for various levels of acuity
and the needs of various hospital
The Natus NatalCare LX Infant Incubator
can be used as a standard incubator or
built-to-order with advanced options to
meet the clinical and developmental needs
of sick babies.
Reliable thermal performance
Double-wall acrylic canopy and doors minimize the radiant heat
loss of the infant.
A sophisticated design provides a high level of thermal support for sick babies. The microclimate inside the incubator can be self-regulated by using the skin temperature mode or be designated by a clinician using the air temperature mode.
Comfort Zone settings provide a range of recommended air temperatures based on the baby’s birth age and weight.
Dual temperature probes allow monitoring of twins or one baby’s
core and peripheral temperature for early detection of potential thermal stress. The display software enables monitoring of trends of both temperatures for the last 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours for either twins or one baby.
Temperature sensor location facilitates monitoring of the actual air temperature over the baby.
Optional servo humidity and servo oxygen create a self-regulating environment for sick babies. Automatic settings and controls provide required stable microenvironment that adapts to the baby’s needs.
Patient access
The ergonomic design features four folding doors and complete visibility, providing the accessibility required for critical conditions, in addition to improving access to the baby during routine procedures.
A large pull-out mattress tray, four access doors foldable 180°,
5 hand ports, and 8 IV ports offer quick and convenient access to
the baby during procedures and therapies.
Acrylic hood and doors offer high visibility of the baby at all times
and also facilitates access during minor surgeries and other procedures while the baby remains in the incubator.
Electronic tilt with automatic centering mechanism ± 15°, operating from the command module reduces the need to disturb the baby.
The optional elevating base promotes a comfortable working environment for the clinician during assessment and treatment as
well as during family visits.
An optional built-in scale allows caregivers to accurately weigh
the baby without removal from the incubator. This helps maintain the
thermal environment and minimizes unnecessary repositioning or disruption to the baby.
Electronic automatic centering returns the mattress to a flat position to help minimize errors during weighing and minimizing the need to
re-weigh the baby.
The mattress is constructed to allow x-rays to be performed while the baby remains in the incubator.