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Olympic Brain Monitor

The Olympic Brainz Monitor is the latest technology in cerebral function monitoring (CFM), allowing you to begin monitoring in 3 easy steps: Plug in unit, apply electrodes and start recording.

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Understanding an infants brain health is a critical part of your treatment decisions. Use of continuous Cerebral
Function Monitoring provides vital information to clinicians to assist with earlier diagnosis and treatment1
the Olympic Brainz Monitor is the optimal CFM solution for fast & simple routine bedside monitoring.
General Specifications
Touch sc reen monito r:
Weight 14.33 lbs (10 kg)
Dimensions 16.46 x 13.46 x 4.53 in
(418 x 342 x 115 mm)
Data Acquisition Box (DAB):
Weight 10 oz (280 g)
Dimensions 2.98 x 5.75 x 1.23 in
(75.7 x 146.1 x 31.2 mm)
Roll Stand :
Weight 40 lbs (20 kg)
Dimensions 61.5 in height, 25 in base dia.
(1562 mm height, 635 mm base dia.)
Ope ration (all components)
Temperature 0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F)
Relative humidity 25 to 90% at 40 C (non-condensing)
Display Real-time EEG Waveform
Rapid pens (aEEG, Impedance - Computed
Rapid numeric (Impedance) - Computed
Histogram distribution over 15-second
intervals (aEEG, Impedance)
Color TFT LCD with resistive touchscreen,
15 (381 mm) diagonal, TFT color,
1024 x 768 pixel native resolution
Power suppl y (integrated)
Power supply unit Integrated AC, medical grade
Power supply input voltage 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4A - 2A
EEG specifications S ensitivity 50 ?Vpk full scale maximum sensitivity
(< 1?V/mm)
Dynamic Range 0.30 - 10000 ?Vpp (1-20 Hz)
Update Rate 200 Hz (EEG Waveform)
Data Acquisition Box (DAB) speci fications :
Differential channels 3
Frequency response 0.5 Hz ~ 450 Hz
Analogue to digital converter SAR ADC (16x oversampling)
Sampling rate 2000 Hz
Resolution 16 bits
Sampling quantization 300 nV
Input impedance (DC) >50 M?