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Algo 3i Hearing Screener

The AABR« Technology you can Trust in a Handheld Screener

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NatalCare LX

Advanced incubator for neonatal intensive care

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Olympic Brain Monitor

The Olympic Brainz Monitor is the latest technology in cerebral function monitoring (CFM), allowing you to begin monitoring in 3 easy steps: Plug in unit, apply electrodes and start recording.

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Olympic CFM 6000 Monitor

The Olympic CFM 6000 Monitor can be used in the NICU and other acute care departments to continuously monitor an infant's brain activity. It enables clinical staff to assess the neurological status of the brain as an aid to treatment options. Simple to us

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Olympic Cool Cap System

The only FDA approved device for the treatment of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) in term infants, the Olympic Cool-Cap System is a unique and complete system utilizing a special cooling cap to provide selective brain cooling while maintaining core

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