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Bandage and Plaster Instruments

Bile, Kidney, Urology

Bone Surgery Instruments

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery


Diagnostic Instruments



Gynecology, Obstetrics

HBS 120 Electrosurgery

HBS 120 is a versatile system for applications in gynaecology, dermatology and as well as for many surgical applications and veterinary medicine.

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HBS 120 Universal

This instrument is used predominantly in established practices and in veterinary medicine. It offers all the basic functions for both monopolar and bipolat application and is classified at the upper end of its performance category.

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HBS 350 Argon BiSeal

Effective, even surface coagulation is achieved using argon plasma. Because of its self-limiting effect, this no-contact method is seen as an innovative HF surgical Method.

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HBS 350 BiSeal

This bipolar HEBU BiSeal clamp system for sealing vessels supplements the comprehensive range of functions for all medical disciplines: Permanent, secure sealing of large-bore vessels and vascularized tissue structures.

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HBS 350 Evolution

The universal all-rounder among instruments: A high-resolution touchscreen unites comprehensive functions with simple, clear and intuitive control structures in the HBS 350 evolution.

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HBS 350 Universal

The HBS 350 universal offers wide-ranging functionality for almost all surgical and endoscopic procedures in clinics and large specialist practices.

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HBS 350evo

HBS 400 Electrosurgery

HBS 400 is a versatile system meeting all operating theatre requirements.

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Instrument care

Oil spray for the instrument care

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Instruments with Tungsten Carbide Inserts

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Results 1 - 20 of 34