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Pre-vacuum is no longer so effective when loads to be sterilized are very porous or provided with very deep hollows, such as endoscopes, turbines and stricks. The best technique to remove air from loads is a proper combination of mechanical removal and s

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Electric Boiler Sterilizer

Hot air tends to move upwards or downwards depending on its temperature. By exploiting this principle it is possible to obtain “convection” currents within the sterilising chamber. The air that is heated by the element rises towards the load and on con

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Filter Container

The containers in austenitic stainless steel and in anodized aluminium have been fitted with a filter lock made of techno-polymer. The system for fixing the filters is actually manufactured from polysulfone resin, a thermo-plastic material that known to b

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Hot Air Sterilizer

Air is certainly the cheapest way to exchange heat with the medical devices to be sterilised. Hot air is the classic way to sterilise objects that may be damaged by steam, such as sharp instruments and glass items.

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Incubator Autoclave

CBM responds to the needs of microbiological laboratories by producing quality incubators. All the CBM incubators are made from AISI304 stainless steel, guaranteeing strength and hygiene. The microprocessor controlling the CBM incubator has a PID system

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